Ginger Bee Powered a.k.a. Reba



This is Reba. She is the most perfect thing I could ask for in life. It’s been 4 months since I bought her and we’ve had a few rocky moments and she has a big attitude, typical mare, but it’s hard not to love a face like that! (:


5 thoughts on “Ginger Bee Powered a.k.a. Reba

      • Hi Kaley, I bought her from Sam when she was a 3 yr old. I had her less than a year but I decided I didn’t want to deal with her attitude at times LOL! I sold her to Samantha who then leased her to Kathi Gray. Kathy had her for a month and decide she wasn’t for her daughter and she went back to Samantha. Not sure if she was with Samantha when you bought her or there were others in between. She is a beautiful mare and I’m sure if you put the time in with her she’ll be great for you. She needs someone who will work with her. Are you giving her peppermints? She loves those LOL! I’m glad you accepted my friend request, I can see how she’s doing. Mardi

  1. She sure does have a big attitude. It is nice to hear some of her story as it’s always a surprise to find these things out. She does have a pretty big attitude still, sad to know she’ll probably never grow out of it LOL! I did not buy her from Samantha but another person and I’ve now had her for almost 7 months and she is a dream. She has been coming along very nicely and we are working on making her a western pleasure horse, and as for the peppermints, shes spoiled with an abundance after every ride haha. Thank you for clearing this up for me! 🙂

    • Kaley, I’m so glad she has found a happy home with you. She needs consistency and she’s been passed around quite a bit in the last few years. She should do well for you in WP. She is certainly smooth enough at both the jog and lope. I don’t think she’ll ever loose the attitude completely but if you can work around it she should be fine. She did inhand trail classes as a baby and did pretty well at those. She should do well in performance halter at open shows. I’m happy for you and her. Post pictures on FB 🙂 Mardi

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